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Jan 4, 2022 | Candle wax melt making equipment

Aside from the basics of wax, wicks, containers, and fragrance oils (you can read more about them here) you will also need lots of other equipment in order to launch and run your candle or wax melt business.

Below are some of the things I use for my business, you can click on. the image or title to open the link to them.

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Buffalo Soup Kettle

I have 2 of these, one I purchased from Amazon and 1 second-hand from eBay.  I have 2 as I use two different waxes for melts and candles.

You add the wax to the inner pot and then water. to the outer, choose your temp (I turn to 10 to melt the wax) and then lower the temp to keep it at the temperature you require.

I then use a ladle to add the wax to a jug.

Metal Jugs

I have lots of jugs!  If you are making up lots of different fragrances in one session it. is great to have lots of jugs.  For me metal jugs are the best, as you can heat them up first so. the wax going into them doesn’t lose heat.  They also are easier to clean after with your heat gun.  And get rid of any fragrance smells, you can give them a wipe with alcohol spray to remove any taint.

I have one of the 3 litre and 5 of the 1.2 litre.

Weighing Scales

I have 2 sets of these now, one for the kitchen and one for the studio as they are really good. Easy to wipe down. and keep clean too.

0.01g scales

As well as the scales above, I use these for measuring fragrance oils to make sure I get the % I am using exact.


When making candles or wax melts you will need. a good thermometer. I started off using this one from amazon, and then also now use digital ones from IKEA.

candle wick centering device

These fit on most size jars, from the smaller amber jars I use to the bigger glass jars. 

Wooden wick holders

These are great if you are using larger jars with multi wicks as you can place them around the top of the jar.

Silicone Spatulas

I use these for mixing the wax and fragrance oil, they wash really well and are a great size.

Blue recycled paper towles

Making candles can be a messy business, from the spilling wax, rto fragrance oils. I use this recycled hand towel ass it is super sbsorbant and you get loads of it for the price.

Disposable Gloves

When pouring and mixing wax and neat fragrance oil it is best to protect your hands from any splashes.

I have tried a few different ones and these are great, strong and don’t rip but you can use your phone etc through them.

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